The activities to do in Ponza are many and different, to satisfy all tastes.
The tour of the island by boat is essential, you will fall in love with Ponza and discover its lesser known sides.
The island is also ideal for those who love trekking and long walks. Its unspoiled nature, paths and wonderful coves will repay the effort.
And to recover your strength we recommend you to discover Ponzese cuisine, with its fish dishes, and local wines.

Boat tour

Many of Ponza’s beaches can only be reached by sea. For this reason we recommend that you do not give up on a boat tour of the island. You will fall in love with this small island and all its coasts and beaches.
There are several companies through which you can book a tour of the island, almost all of them leave from the port, a few steps from our hotel. There are several itineraries you can choose from, some also include the neighboring islands, such as Palmarola or Zannone.
Some tours also include lunch on board and last around 5 or 6 hours. Of course, the boats stop in the most beautiful places to allow you to take a dip in the crystal clear waters so don’t forget your swimwear!
The places not to be missed in the tour are: Faraglioni del Calzone Muto, Faro della Guardia, Capo Bianco, Faraglioni and Lucia Rosa beach, bay and beach of Fèlece, Core. But the suggestive places that can affect everyone’s sensitivity are also countless others.
If you have a few more days, after the guided tour, you can rent a boat by yourself and return to the places you like most.

Boat tour Hotel Mari


Ponza Island is not just sea. To discover it from another perspective, you can venture out on a light trekking inland.
The most classic of the itineraries involves a light walk along a mule track towards Monte Guardia, nothing less than the highest point of Ponza (we are at 280 m asl). From here the panorama is exciting and opens up to the whole archipelago.
Another route is the one that leads to the Roman Necropolis of Bagno Vecchio, a walk of about an hour and a half in the middle of the Mediterranean bush.
There are other trekking routes, also in the islands of Zannone or Palmarola. Ask for information at the reception, we will be happy to help you.

Trekking Hotel Mari


Even the culinary part is not to be overlooked in your holiday in Ponza. Of course, seafood dishes are the protagonists of the table: shellfish, crustaceans and fish of various types, cooked in a simple way. Even the land kitchen offers pleasant surprises.
Near the Hotel Mari there are numerous trattorias and restaurants in which to discover Ponzese cuisine, we will be happy to suggest you where to go to eat in Ponza.
To accompany your meals, you cannot miss the Fieno, a savory and mineral wine produced white, rosé and red, typical of the island. The Biancolella of Ponza has a taste, to be combined with fish.

Enogastronomy Hotel Mari